Restaurant event

Galilee kitchen, which produces mouthwatering, flavorful dishes, is not the only factor making events in the Amirey Hagalil Hotel’s restaurant an experience that truly stimulates your senses.  Our chef’s creations are complemented by the spacious, country-style dining area with picture windows facing the Sea of Galilee, around which the Golan mountains rise in full splendor; the forest trees that envelop the courtyard in cool shade and fragrant air and, of course, our professional service staff, who surround guests with a sense of comfort and hospitality.

The kosher restaurant specializes in meat cuisine and can host private and business events for up to 80 guests.  Each client, together with the chef and hotel staff, will determine the nature of the event and the menu in accordance with the client’s special preferences and requirements.

We invite you to extend the event even further and spend time with family and/or close friends on a brief, luxurious vacation with us for the day.  The Event Plus Package enables you to combine overnight accommodation in a marvelous Galilee atmosphere on the day of the event or the day before, at particularly reasonable prices.

Restaurant Event – Principal Characteristics

✾  Kosher Galilee Restaurant specializing in meat cuisine

✾  Restaurant event for up to 80 guests

✾  Event in hotel garden (in accordance with season) for up to 200 guests

✾  Closing of restaurant for private event within framework of Event Plus Package

✾  Ordering an event – professional, dedicated, personal consultation and guidance

✾  Meticulous interior design and panoramic view

✾  Overnight accommodation and hospitality for up to 45 guests, within framework of Event Plus Package

✾  Exclusive use of hotel and spa facilities (range of alternative treatments, Jacuzzi, dry sauna and more), within framework of Event Plus Package