Wedding at a Boutique Hotel

A wedding is a major and very exciting milestone in a couple’s journey through life, and arrangements require time, thought, stamina and a budget.

A wedding at Amirey Hagalil Hotel ensures a moving, unforgettable experience

The charm of our location lies in the unique combination of nature’s beauty, serenity and simplicity; the warm, homey atmosphere; and the luxurious quality of the services and facilities characterized by our boutique hotel.

Our dedicated, professional staff will assist you in planning the wedding of your dreams, including selection of the location, design of the exciting event with the work of true professionals; the compilation of a fantastic menu, full hosting of the reception, the ceremony and the party, with meticulous attention to attentive, sensitive and uncompromising service. Amirei Hagalil Hotel offers you celebration of your event in full privacy, with the staff and all facilities of the hotel and spa directed to your exclusive service.

Wedding Plus

Celebrating into the night and the day after (event + overnight accommodation)

“And sometimes the party is over…” and sometimes, it continues.

Many couples will say that their wedding was one of the happiest moments of their lives; nevertheless, they usually add that at the end of the event they were overcome with the familiar, disappointing feeling of awakening from an enchanting dream that suddenly ends.  The wonderful, simple solution of “wedding with overnight accommodation” enables one to experience the entire celebration to its final moment.

For those who choose “Wedding Plus”, the ceremony and party are only Part 1 of the celebration.  Afterwards flows the calm, intimate celebration that lasts into the night and the next day.  Overnight accommodation and the shared stay at the hotel are the perfect recipe for pleasant, deep conversation, exchanging of notes, jokes and memories; they encourage moments of significant closeness and enable family and friends to envelop the newlyweds in energies of happiness and love.

Amirey Hagalil Hotel invites event hosts and their closest guests, particularly those arriving from afar, to enjoy together a luxurious, personalized Galilee hospitality that includes deluxe accommodation at the hotel, a rich, delectable family breakfast and private use of all of the hotel and spa facilities.

Weddings – Principal Characteristics:

✾  Wedding event for up to 250 guests

✾  Closing of hotel and restaurant for wedding occasion

✾  Special, custom-designed wedding – professional, dedicated consultation and guidance throughout the event’s production process

✾  Combined inside-outside event in accordance with season

✾  Kosher Galilee kitchen servicing the event and accompanying meals – composition of menus by order, with personal assistance from restaurant chef

✾  17 hotel rooms – overnight accommodation and hospitality for up to 45 guests

✾  Honeymoon suite for newlyweds

✾  Exclusive use of intimate spa facilities – selection of treatments and facilities to please body and soul

✾  Weekend wedding – there is something particularly enjoyable in an afternoon wedding in full daylight, in the heart of a natural forest. But if there is anything that surpasses that excitement and  pleasure, it’s a Friday-Saturday wedding, enabling you to continue the celebration for the entire weekend. Invite your closest guests to an intimate, ongoing celebration where, together, you      can enjoy Galilee hospitality and luxurious accommodation for the entire Saturday as well.

Please take a moment to read about Jamie and Alon’s wedding, which took place at the hotel in the spring of 2014